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Surely you are tired of living constantly adapting to a technology developed by computer scientists. In Rocketbeds, we provide a PMS solution from the need of the tourist sector professional and materialized by a team of professionals nourished by the constant feed-back of the client.


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A universe of connectivity.
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Channel Manager

In Rocketbeds we bet on the Hyperconnectivity of channels to help the accommodation to sell
more and better. We have Site Minder and Rentals United as leading and reliable solutions to
facilitate the distribution process and improve the profitability of the accommodation.

Improve your direct booking strategy

Booking engine

Direct booking and the importance it has for accommodation is key. From Rocketbeds we adapt the booking engine to your peculiarities and integrate it easily in an "All in One" PMS. The result is a Booking Engine with a natural integration in the client reservation process.

Manage the web of your accommodation in an easy way


If you need to improve conversion rates or simply need to improve the image of your hosting, Rocketbeds allows you to have a new web naturally integrated in your PMS. In this way you will have a functional and fast application to manage the contents of your website efficiently and operationally.

Simplify payment management


In Rocketbeds the process management between different business units will become a simple task. The guest account will be connected either from the restaurant, the cafeteria or from the Spa, being able to charge the room in a simple way. The versatility in the management of the different departments through the registration of the digital signature will be an added value in the integration with the PMS. Rocketbeds becomes a multifunctional tool to simplify tasks and optimize processes that enhance the hotel's profitability.

We have the best technological base that allows us to travel without limits.
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