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A large family with a hotelier vocation.

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The best fuel are the ideas
Revolutionaries of the sector

We propose a technological solution from the needs of a sector that we perfectly know. In our team, we continue adding experience and feedback from the market. We are restless minds wanting to revolutionize in an innovative and dynamic sector such as tourism. We feel comfortable in the change and we bet to revolutionize the sector from the needs of our clients. Ready to break the rules?


In Rocketbeds we bet on improving the efficiency in the management of tourist accommodations.

Disruptive Philosophy

We connect the realities of the sector with a team of professionals who want to break the
traditional rules. Rocketbeds poses a common scenario but with a philosophy of "adapting to
market changes". The projects are people and Rocketbeds is born with desire to generate
change and disruption.

Our values

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